April | Hoverboard/Pretties w46
~ Max of 2/21/14 :>
#sq'irk team
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Progress and gifs! Two spells left/6 hours til comp. I’m not sure if i’ll get it at next reset or after but I will make it!

Anonymous asked: u and ryan d8n or na


Reblog if you’re bored and want random anons.


Today’s progress & a bunbun gif expressing how I’m getting prepared for dat comp cape.

I’m a bunbun!! My dreams have been fulfilled.

That retro armor may actually give me a reason to spend my bank on bonds


It’s a huge deal to me because when that armor existed, I couldn’t even wear rune yet (I think).  Back at that time, Rune armor seemed soooo out of reach, because as a free player, I honestly had no idea how to make money.  I even saw Ranged and Magic as expensive, money-loss skills. 

Oh how times have changed, I now alch all the rune plates I get Lol.

I rarely wear armor outside of combat, but I’d honestly wear retro all the time

back when your rsn was 3rdassailant


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5th spell down ft. Ryan and his big avatar :v


bring back the easter bunny
down with brassica prime and marimbo

Shoutout to my ips for stopping my internet during the after-party <3

Thank you all who came @@@ aaaaamg I cant believe I did it!

Major thanks to Trevor for getting me started with dg after I maxed. I really appreciate that you dragged me along on your road to 200m and taught me terms.

Thank you to Ana, Alana, Jojo, and Mike for dging with me as well. & also to my non-tumblr friend Richie for hosting quite a lot of my floors.

I will most definitely be going for 200m soon, but completionist’s cape first@

I forgot to mention that the messages I got a while ago when I was having trouble with w77 courage actually helped me face my social anxiety within RS. (you people know who you are :>)


grats on 120 shitoneering aprillllllllllll@!!@!@
~~~~ :>:>

Ok so I’m getting 120 DG at reset (in 1 hr 40 minutes) in Daemonheim@@@ w46 pls come

edit: oops 4got reset time eheh

Reunited with ma family <3

Ugly cropping, I know, but I hit 500m total xp AND I’m rly close to 120 dg~ Party is gonna be tomorrow but idk what time :c